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Expert Wood Siding Services in New Orleans

A popular choice to change the look of your building and protect it from the elements is wood siding installation. The elegance and natural beauty of wood can enhance the design of your building in a sustainable and magnificent way.

Wood is extremely popular construction material for siding projects in New Orleans. Big Easy Siding works with various types and species of wood that can give different looks to our building.

With our top-quality wood siding work, you can expect siding with clean, straight lines from tongue to groove. Make your building look classic and rustic with the best wood siding contractor in New Orleans.

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Why Wood Siding?

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Wood is a beautiful, durable, and cost-effective material for residential and commercial siding installation projects.

It is the ultimate detailing solution if you want protection coupled with aesthetics for your home improvement project or new construction.

The many benefits of choosing wood for your siding project are:

  •  Highly Customizable

We provide wood siding installation tailored to each client’s project specification. We offer a range of customization options for wood siding installation that you can choose from. You get to choose the wood species that will be used for the installation, fire retardant treatment, size, grade, and profile.

Additionally, we can color your wood siding with the hue of your choice in our in-house state-of-the-art coating facility. This empowers us to deliver a consistent wood siding finish through the installation process that will last.

  • Natural Beauty

Every species of wood has its unique color, grain design, and knot shape and pattern. You can choose from a wide variety of wood types that will add the warmth and character to your building installation that you like.

The natural beauty of wood can accentuate the aesthetic of any building design in residential and commercial properties. We can install wood siding that is a mixture of boards in vertical and horizontal layouts.

  • Environmentally-Safe

Wood is a fully renewable resource as a sustainable building material installation. Reduce your carbon footprint on this planet by using wood siding installation. Wood is the ideal material for environmentally safe siding installation construction.

The manufacture of wood siding installation materials has the lowest embodied energy of any building material installation. There is no carbon dioxide emission involved in manufacturing wood siding installation. Therefore, it does not contribute to global warming.

  • Can Be Treated

We use wood siding material treated to be more durable and long-lasting. The treatment given also creates a uniform look. We install wood siding strategically so that we can customize wood treatment for siding purposes and appearance.

  • Versatility

There are various designs, shapes, and sizes used for wood siding. Whatever the design of your building, we have an extensive range of solid and engineered boards for any type of wood siding work.

We can find the right solution for the design that you like. You are assured that each board is hand selected and graded by hand with a high standard of quality.  We will get the boards most appropriate for your siding project.

Types of Wood Commonly Used for Siding

Backyard patio area- Big Easy SidingWood has been a long-time favorite for residential and commercial siding projects. It is easy to install and maintain and appeals to a wide range of budgets.

The different types of wood that we use for siding projects in New Orleans include:

  1. Cypress: A durable wood siding material with rot and insect-resistant properties, honey-like hues, and intriguing grain patterns. Old cypress wood is very durable because it is dense, fine-grained, and hard.
  2. Redwood: A rich red-toned and deep-grained wood that maintains its red color and darkens as it ages.
  3. Cedar: An all-wood siding material that can be stained or painted or used on its own and is available as a less expensive white wood grain or a more expensive, dense heartwood. It has a rich character that includes rot, insect, and moisture resistance.
  4. Fir: A wood species with an even, consistent color and delicate graining, available in long sections, and stains and finishes well.
  5. Spruce: A softwood species that is an economical siding option, comes in longer boards, and works best for shiplap or clapboard siding projects.
  6. Pine: A light-colored, honey-brown softwood that is in abundant supply.
  7. Engineered Wood: A composite wood siding with wood fibers that are coated in waxes, resins, and other ingredients and then pressed under heat to create a wood texture.

Cost of Wood Siding Per Square Foot Installed

The average cost for wood siding material based on materials alone is typically $1 to $5 per square foot. But natural wood siding installations can cost $6 to $12 considering all factors like materials and labor. The average to install wood siding on a 1,500-square-foot home is $9 per square foot.

Wood Siding Inspection: Unmatched Performance

Big Easy Siding carries out the best siding inspection service in New Orleans. We are able to determine the best solution for any siding defects we identify.

When you have your siding inspected on a regular basis, defects like damage, curling, cracking, and splitting can be seen and addressed. We inspect the general condition of your wood siding and identify potential issues that could affect the performance and lifespan of your siding.

Ignoring signs of defects on your wood siding will compromise its integrity and affect its performance. You may have to deal with bigger siding issues that are more costly to repair in the future.

We are a reliable siding contractor experienced in wood siding inspection. We help keep your wood siding functional and aesthetic.

Why Choose Big Easy Siding?

We get your wood siding specifications right with profiles and fixings that will work and stand the test of time.

Our extensive experience in wood siding installations allows us to deliver careful detailing, ensuring that your wood siding looks fantastic and meets performance objectives. Call us today for a free estimate.

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