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Pick the Right Contractors and Get an Excellent Stucco Siding Repair In New Orleans

The siding for your home acts as added protection for your home from elements that may cause damage or deterioration to the materials in your home structures. Therefore investing in the right siding can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and durability.

Hiring an excellent siding contractor in New Orleans can also be a significant factor in getting the right siding for your home. One of the most recommended sidings is stucco siding, know more about it before deciding to have it in your home.

What is a Stucco Siding?

Stucco siding is one of the most popular siding materials contractors used, there are two types of stucco siding: traditional and synthetic. The traditional one is consist of portland cement, lime, sand, and water while the synthetic is a mixture of acrylic and polymer.

This siding is often used in residential and commercial coats since they are ideal for getting a more reliable result due to its versatility in creating designs and still getting the durability needed for siding.

What Is Stucco Repair?

Stucco repair refers to the process of checking on the damages that can be seen on the stucco failure and replacing it with more stucco. It is compared to treating the symptoms of an illness but not curing it, as there can be underlying effects that are ignored.

Stucco Siding Repair Cost In New Orleans

The cost of stucco siding is affected by several factors that’s why it varies. Getting a quotation from us at Big Easy Siding can make you know the accurate budget that you need to prepare for your siding construction.

Factors that Affect Stucco Siding Services

  • How many Materials are used
  • The materials to be used for your stucco siding can be measured by the side of the siding needed to be covered in your home. The price is rated per square foot which ranges from $5.58 to $7.75  per square foot. Since stucco siding has several kinds the material that will be used can also affect the pricing.
  • How much Labor is needed
  • The number of hours that are needed to put your siding is computed according to the area that needs to be covered. Since most contractors charge per hour for their work.
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • When installing a siding there are equipment and supplies that are needed to be used to make it more durable and efficient. The value of the equipment and supply usage is included in the cost of putting the siding.

What is Stucco Siding Made Of?

The stucco siding materials consist of lime, sand, portland cement, and water, plus for modern stucco siding polymers and other agents are added to enhance flexibility as well as increase resilience.

Advantages of Stucco Siding Repair

High Durability

Stucco background

The make of stucco siding makes it last longer and is resistant to deterioration as it is made of a cement mixture that is not susceptible to pest infestation.

The cement is also hard enough to last the longest years it can stand. Having durable siding can make your home highly secure and protected. Damage is not also frequent for stucco siding.

Appealing Looks

Stucco siding can be designed in a way that the looks can be enhanced which makes it ideal for you to want a siding that matches your current home exteriors. Stucco siding is available in many colors and textures.


The cement or polymer mixture makes the siding soundproof since it blocks the sound coming from the outside of the home making it quieter inside of the house.

Low maintenance

Since the material used for stucco siding can withstand any elements then they don’t need to be maintained in an intense manner. Checking the condition will be enough to know if they need to be repaired or replaced. Frequent damage can be avoided as the material is hard and sturdy.

Repairing can be better than spending for a new siding as long as the needed maintenance is one then you don’t have to change your siding frequently.

Why Choose Us?

Get the Right Handyman

house with stucco sidingWe have handymen who are trained and skilled and can do the work with a smooth finish.

They have undergone the right training and education and are certified before they start working with us, plus the years they have worked for us have enhanced their skills and expertise.

We cover siding repair, exterior inspection, faulty stucco siding inspection, stucco repair, and stucco remediation.

We Can Make Your Home Siding Better

The quality of our work is excellent as we are more equipped. We have invested in our equipment for siding work as we don’t want to disappoint our clients. Whether you need repair, remediation, or new siding we got you covered.

We have the right stucco materials for your home and the most updated ones. Stucco repairs are one of our experts so if you need it we can do it for you to have better home siding.

We Have Stucco Remediation Contractors

Stucco remediation is an in-depth process of making a better stucco siding for a more durable outcome for the inner and outside parts of the wall.

This involves updating the stucco siding with the latest kind of stucco to improve the existing siding. We have experts to do stucco remediation and they are updated with the modern skills and installation process.

Contact Big Easy Siding Now

So if you are looking for stucco repairs, new stucco contractors, someone to fix your exterior siding, or planning to a new stucco siding then don’t hesitate to contact Big Easy Siding so we can explain the services we can do and we can meet halfway on the services you need.

Our team can give you the tips your need for getting good siding and they can even recommend the perfect stucco siding that your home needs. So call us now and we can discuss the process as well as the budget. We also offer free estimate!

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