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Modern Metal Siding: Durable and Stylish Option for Your Home in New Orleans

Are you ready to make your metal vision for your residential or commercial siding rock?  Discover how Big Easy Siding can create metal siding for your home or business property that will give your facade a distinctive appeal.  We add extra shine, luxury, and functionality to your siding projects.

The metal siding materials that we use are manufactured to the strictest and highest standards of the industry.  You get an authentic look to your siding that is durable, fire-resilient, and low-maintenance.

We offer a wide range of custom metal siding designs that will provide a robust appeal to the overall aesthetics of your property.  Metal sidings we install for residential and commercial properties do not only excel in luster, but also in durability.  We will be more than happy to walk you through our gallery of metal siding options and help you choose the perfect fit for your property.

Why Metal Siding?

Metal siding is a favorite and top choice of many homeowners and business owners in New Orleans for their siding projects because of its many benefits.  You can play with shape and light to create lasting impressions with metal siding products that are widely available in the market today.

Here are some of the best reasons why our clients choose metal siding:

  • Low Maintenance

Metal siding is easy to clean, making them easy to maintain.  When given primary care, they can last. They require only minimal attention to make them last longer, compared to other siding materials.

  • Heat, Cold, and Moisture Resistance

New Orleans has unpredictable weather that can sometimes cause deterioration and damage to a siding.  With metal siding, you need not worry about how extreme heat, cold, and the presence of moisture can cause harm to your siding.  Metal siding is resistant to the effects of changing weather and seasons.

  • Mold and Mildew-Proof

Metal siding is resistant to mold and mildew growth.  Hence, your home or commercial structure can be protected because there will be no room for moisture to set in.  We are experts in installing metal siding that will excel in functionality and aesthetic appeal because they are made with waterproof metal.

  • Immune to Pest Damage

Another excellent advantage of using metal siding in New Orleans is its resistance to pest infestation.  Unlike wood siding, metal siding is impenetrable to insects and other pests that can cause damage.

  • Imitate the Aesthetic of More Expensive or Fragile Sidings

We have a full range of metal siding profiles, colors, and solutions to meet your siding needs in New Orleans.  We can create a truly unique facade for your home or commercial building with metal siding bent and cut into your desired size and shape that imitates the design of more expensive siding materials.

  • Cheap, Quick Installation and Upkeep

We can install metal siding in less time compared to other siding materials.  This is why we recommend metal siding to our clients because of the ease of installation and maintenance.  When your metal siding gets damaged, it will also be easier to replace without causing a clash and expensive repair costs.

Metal Siding Options For Homes

The variety of ways that metal siding can be used is because of its qualities.  They are made in different ways with various materials so that you can choose the best design that matches the overall architectural design of your property.  The residential metal siding options we offer include:

Corrugated Metal Siding

Metal Siding in New Orleans - Big Easy SidingOne of the staple metal sidings that we install for both residential and commercial properties is corrugated metal siding. The subtle waves of this siding material give it its unique design.  You can choose your own color to create a modern, traditional, or rustic look.

Vertical Siding Panels

We can create appealing lines on your siding with vertical siding panels that can create different designs like:

  • Board and batten look
  • Shiplap Wall (more modern)

These metal sidings can be installed to create clean lines vertically and direct the eye to the unique features of your building.

Horizontal Siding Options

Another modern way of installing siding is to place them horizontally on your building to create a sleek look and an illusion of a bigger and longer build.

Modern Exterior Siding

We can create a modern design for your siding project with modern exterior siding favorites like the Ultra Batten panel and the 6025 Structural Box Rib panel.

Rustic Steel Siding Options

Rustic can be more profound with metal siding that provides the perfect color and finishes for your siding needs in New Orleans.  You can get red or brown sheet metal siding that will achieve the perfect rustic look.

Rusted Siding Panels

We can create a unique look on your residential or commercial property with rusted siding panels that have these features:

  • Standing seam
  • Flat panel
  • Corrugated look

Make your siding stand out with rusted siding panels that provide the perfect eye-catching steel siding.

Copper Siding Panels

Copper is a metal that has been used for many construction projects.  You can also have copper metal siding that has exceptional aesthetic and durability.

Metal Siding Options, Costs, and Pros & Cons

The cost of metal siding installation in New Orleans can vary depending on many factors that include quality and type of metal siding, including professional installation labor costs.

  • Cost

If you need metal siding installation for your home, you can spend between $9 to $25 per square foot.

  • Factors Impacting Overall Costs

The total cost to install metal siding is dependent on the metal panel profile, material, project complexity, and the location of your home in New Orleans.

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Oh So Pretty

New Orleans Metal Siding Service - Big Easy SidingCost is not the only consideration when choosing metal siding.  You can make the best decision to use metal siding by weighing the pros and cons of using this siding material.

Metal siding offers good insulation, and is waterproof, insect-proof, and fire-resistant.  You can also get an above-average return on investment with up to 86% of recouping the cost you spend on metal siding.  It is also a fully recyclable siding material.

The downsides of using metal siding include being prone to denting, and scratches, and can be expensive, especially when Zinc and Copper are used.  Although, these metal siding types can be a cost-effective choice.

Find Out More About Exterior Metal Siding Options

Big Easy Siding can create the signature look for your property’s facade with metal sidings that are engraved with unique designs that play with light and depth to make your whole building glow.  We create the most exciting effects for residential and commercial sidings that make them durable and very aesthetic.

We use the smallest details of sidings to make sure that you get a final appearance to your building that achieves your vision.  Our siding designers and installers work together to create a polished, serene appearance that is impact-resistant and very durable.  You will have a siding that is beautiful and durable for decades.

Contact us to know which metal siding design and material works best for your property. We offer free estimates!

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