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Enhance Your Property with Our Vinyl Siding Installation in New Orleans

Vinyl Siding HomeYour home is a most precious investment. You want to make sure that it is constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions so that it could protect you from heat, strong winds, heavy rain, hail, or whatever the weather.

We install all types of vinyl siding to protect your home. Our custom vinyl siding services consider the design that you like to match your home’s overall aesthetics. We help you choose the design and color that will give your home the curb appeal and protection it needs.

Our vinyl siding contractors use only high-quality material that is designed for durability. Our siding materials are made with vinyl that holds tight, lasts longer, and performs well throughout its warranty period and more after that.

If you need siding material that will hold up to your standards for protection and curb appeal, choose vinyl siding.  Check the different styles and designs of vinyl siding in our vinyl siding installation gallery that we have successfully installed to give you inspiration or you can contact us to learn more about our services.

About Our Vinyl Siding

Installing a siding to your home can significantly increase how your home can be protected from harsh weather conditions. Our vinyl siding services follow the strict standards of the industry. You are assured of quality vinyl materials and siding work.

The quality of vinyl that we use is strong and tested to withstand different weather conditions and other elements that can cause damage and advanced wear and tear to your home. We are the number one choice for many homeowners and home builders.

We offer different styles of vinyl siding and colors so that you can choose the best one to perfectly match your home’s design.

Our New Orleans Vinyl Siding Installation Process For Your Home Improvement

If you want to side for either a new or existing home, vinyl is one of the best materials to use. Its popularity comes from being a durable and aesthetic material for residential siding projects. With vinyl, you can be sure that your home will be protected for many years to come.

Our vinyl siding experts follow a streamlined process that assures every homeowner of quality vinyl siding that is installed properly following these steps:

Vinyl Siding Worker

  • Removing the existing siding of your home.
  • Unlocking the siding using a zip tool.
  • Pulling out the nails.
  • Matching your siding to the design of your home.
  • Surface preparation.
  • Cutting the siding material made with vinyl
  • Building paper or moisture barrier and window flashing
  • Installing the building paper on the siding
  • Installing flashing under the window.
  • Placing flashing over the window.
  • Installing J-channel around the window
  • Installing the siding (long strips of vinyl) into place starting from the bottom of the wall up.

The process we follow in installing vinyl siding for your home was tried and tested to pass industry standards. We consider many variables during installation and involve our clients in the process, especially in choosing the correct siding.

We install vinyl siding in different styles considering the following factors:

  • Texture
  • Width of planks
  • Color
  • Type of insulation
  • Thickness

You can choose designs that resemble the most popular wood siding styles for a look and feel that you like for your home. The most popular texture and profile styles that we install for vinyl siding projects include Dutch Lap, Clapboard, Beaded, Shingle, Log, Board and Batten, Vertical, and Shake.

Why Choose Vinyl House Siding?

Vinyl siding has become more popular because it is one of the most cost-effective materials to use for exterior remodeling projects. It is also simple and easy to maintain. Many strong features make vinyl a choice of siding material. Consider these benefits that you will enjoy when you use vinyl siding:

  • Vinyl Siding Does Not Need Painting

Vinyl siding styles come in different colors. You can choose the perfect color to match the design of your home. The color of vinyl runs through the material so you will not worry about it chipping off. Vinyl does not need to be painted on so the process of installation is easier. Painting your siding can give trouble like peeling and chipping, which are not issues with vinyl siding.

  • Vinyl Siding Is Inexpensive

There are only a few siding materials that are cheaper than vinyl siding. Other materials like fiber-cement siding will cost much more. Hence, vinyl can be your best bet when you are on a budget. Vinyl offers a more cost-effective siding solution because you can choose styles and patterns that resemble the more expensive siding material.

  • Vinyl Siding Is Low Maintenance

Siding material for your home is a very important decision because you would not like siding that you will need to clean every now and then to make sure it will stay durable and functional.

The slick surface of vinyl makes dust, cobwebs, and other debris slides off from its surface when you spray it down with water. There is no need to scrub, scrape, patch, and prime, compared to painted siding surfaces.

What is the Proper Way to Install Vinyl Siding Products?

Vinyl Siding InstallOur vinyl siding contractors are trained and experienced in vinyl siding installation, no matter how big or small your home is or whatever design or pattern you chose.

To make sure of the success of every siding installation, we follow these steps:

  • Preparation and planning
  • Installing new siding parts with the right tools and equipment
  • Measuring, cutting, fitting, and nailing
  • Making the installation watertight

How Much Does Home Vinyl Siding Installation Cost?

The solid and tough build of vinyl siding makes it stand up to extreme weather conditions. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on this type of siding for your home.

You can expect to pay $160 to $250 per square meter for a quality vinyl product installed over rigid insulation. The cost of vinyl is far cheaper than cedar siding and aluminum. You can use high-quality vinyl that can be as durable as other siding materials, but not as expensive.

Need More Help? Contact Big Easy Siding Now!

Vinyl is one of the long-lasting siding materials you can use for your home. We install high-quality vinyl that can last between 20 and 40 years. Big Easy Siding’s vinyl siding materials are insured with lifelong warranties.

We use only the best brands in the industry that are strong, insulating, and basically maintenance-free. Call us today at (504) 766-3494 and local experts can help you by selecting from siding samples to choose the best design for your home.

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