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Whether your project is a refurbishment or new construction, Big Easy Siding has brick siding services to suit your requirements. We are the best provider of brick siding for your exterior and interior projects.

We are specialists in the sourcing and supply of brick siding products for residential and commercial applications.  Our brick siding services will bring the authentic look of brick to your modern structure.

We have tried and tested brick siding developed specifically to suit your project needs, whether it is a larger development or a smaller interior fit-out. No brick siding project is too big or too small for us. You can visit our website or you may call us at (504) 766-3494 to learn more about our services.

What is Brick Siding?

Brick siding is also known as brick veneer. It is typically a freestanding brick wall installed on the exterior of a wood or concrete surface. The appearance of a brick siding can make a structure look like the brick walls support it.

It is one of the most common construction methods used to add earthen architecture to residences and commercial spaces. Because of the natural components of brick, brick siding is considered one of the lowest embodied energy footprints, especially if the bricks are sourced locally.

Is Brick Siding Environmentally Friendly?

Yes!  Brick siding is one of the most environmentally friendly materials that can be used in construction for so many reasons.

1. Brick Siding Can Easily Be “Upcycled” or Recycled for Future Use

Brick Siding Service in New Orleans By Big Easy Siding

Fire bricks that were used in ancient architecture have been discovered to be in excellent condition, even after thousands of years of exposure to harsh elements.

In modern construction, when bricks are dismantled carefully, they can be reused for future siding or landscaping projects.

2. Brick Siding is Durable

When a siding material is durable, it means that you don’t need to replace or refurbish them after a short while. This makes it more environmentally friendly and economical. Brick siding can last a lifetime if it is installed properly.

Other siding materials like vinyl or wood composite will last for only 30 years which means an increase in demand for raw materials, manufacturing, transportation, and other environmental costs.

3. Brick Siding is Low Maintenance

Brick siding doesn’t need harsh chemicals to keep it clean. You can simply brush it with soft soap and water when moss starts to grow on them.

4. Brick Siding is Made from Natural Materials

The natural materials that make brick are the clay, shale, sand, water, and air. There are no toxic materials that are added to a brick that can be harmful to the environment.

5. Brick Siding is Considered Inert Material

The inert material that makes up bricks when they are fired in kilns at temperatures that reach 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, the clay particles are vitrified. This process makes the bricks very resistant to reactions with other substances in the atmosphere or surrounding environment.

With our top-quality brick materials that were sourced from companies complying with the highest standards of the industry, you will get the best bricks that are durable and environmentally friendly for your siding project.

Brick Siding Cost: What to Expect

Brick siding can be more costly than other siding materials. But it is more cost-effective in the long run because it is more durable and it is low maintenance. You can expect to pay around $5 to $15 per square foot for a brick siding installation.

The difference in the cost for a brisk siding project will depend on labor costs and the type of brick you choose. Custom bricks that are manufactured with your specific color, texture, thickness, and other custom features can be more expensive.

For quality brick and brick siding services, trust our brick-siding experts in New Orleans. We will install your brick siding with your specific requirements.

How Do You Maintain Brick Siding?

Brick Siding Cleaning in New Orleans By Big Easy SidingBrick siding is relatively maintenance-free, but to keep them clean, you can do occasional cleaning with a mild detergent, a hose, and a brush. Avoid using a power washer which can cause damage to your mortar and caulking and can also cause the paint on your brick to peel or fade.

We offer brick-siding maintenance services to help keep your brick siding clean and always looking new. We can do routine inspections on your brick siding to make sure that all signs of water penetration, spalling, creeping vines, efflorescence, mildew, or other stains will be taken care of.

How Long Does Brick Siding Last?

We install top-quality brick siding that can last for decades. When brick siding is properly installed, it can last for over 100 years, with proper maintenance and routine care and cleaning.

Understanding Brick Siding Systems

Brick siding is a great way to create a natural aesthetic appeal to your home. It is installed in various ways such as:

  • Traditional Brick Siding vs. Thin Brick

Traditional brick siding is installed by a mason and is made up of purely solid brick stacked, with layers of mortar in between. Thin brick is made of thin brick faces about 1/2 inch thick that are installed similar to how ceramic tiles are installed where the bricks are stuck to the house wall with adhesive and the spaces filled with grout.

  • Supporting Brick Siding

When your brick siding needs support, especially if it is traditional brick siding, you will need a strong and solid foundation. We can install your brick siding with concrete foundation walls or footings to support your brick siding.

  • There’s Air Behind Brick Siding

We install brick sidings with enough air space between the brick and the wood behind it. The space will allow for the wall to shed moisture and prevent cracks on your brick siding.

  • Brick Siding Materials

The high-quality brick siding materials that we use are queen bricks instead of full-size construction brick or engineer brick. Queen bricks are 30% lighter than standard bricks although they look very similar to the engineering brick.

  • Building a Brick Siding Wall

We can install a brick siding anytime after the framing is complete and after the doors, windows, and roofing are in place. Before we install the brick siding, we make sure that the wall is covered with plywood or another type of structural heating. Then, we install a water-resistant barrier material.

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